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Founded in July 2019, JobITechs is a fast growing Freelancers, online jobs marketplace. We offer our clients the ability to post their projects, hire freelancers online and get the best proposals to get the job done by trusted professionals and elites.

Our Mission & Vision

To be recognized as the partner of choice for all related activities.

To transform our clients vision into reality.


Our Values


Our fine tailored website offers our clients posting projects and bidding on them, complete them easily with zero confusion or doubts. We made completing your project or securing a new source of income through freelancing easy and safe in JobITechs.


We in JobITechs believe in quality of work, and  we offer our platform users the reviews and rating systems helps our clients to determine and / or select fine professionals to finish their projects and tasks, our partner in evaluating the freelancers and employers is you and we rely on the information you provide us regarding other users.


One of our sole goals in JobITechs is our clients safety and we take safety seriously. All of the transactions and personal information completed / provided by our clients are considered highly confidential and secured on our servers, leakage of confidential information is prohibited by international laws as well as our platform’s policies and consequences of the any violations committed varies from strict actions taken from JobITechs against the violator on the platform to legal prosecution.

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