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Starting a new project ? It's now easier with JobITechs, sign up and post a new project, make sure the information and description of your project are correct and accurate  to deliver a clear idea and to allow our professional or freelancers have a better understanding of the task or project.


  • Other Ways To Get Services

    Do I have to post my project to get the job done?

    Absolutely not! , you can get a job done on our platform by choosing one of the other solutions we offer such as directly hiring a freelancer or choosing one of the services our professionals provide in the micro jobs marketplace. 

  • Private / Confidential Projects

    What If I Dont Want My Project To Be Viewed In The Posted Jobs Page?

    Please note that you cannot post your project privately via the post a job option, the only solution to retain the privacy of your project is to view freelancers / professionals and hire them directly.

  • Didn't Receive Proposals

    I Posted a Job and I Didn't Receive Any Proposals!!

    incase the job you posted didn't receive bids or proposals within seven days of posting the job, we offer you to:

    • Directly hire JobITechs team for the job,  Fill the contact us form and write the subject ( Invitation to bid ). And we will reply to you within 24 hrs. 

Choosing A Proposal

Hundreds Of Proposals Daily

After posting the job, our freelancers and professionals will start submitting their proposals, please make sure to study each proposal and the profile of the person who post it in order to determine which one is fit for the job.

  • Quality and Satisfaction

    How Do I Grant The Quality of Service Offered in The Proposal?

    We advice our users to have look at the proposal or job poster account, reviews and ratings given to freelancers and employers are given by our platform users, based on previous tasks / projects completed or posted. 

  • Fake Information About Skills

    What do i do if the freelancer declared fake information about their skill / experience?

    If after choosing a proposal and hiring someone the freelancer turned out to declare fake information about their skills, you are kindly requested to report them and mention the reason, after that you may award the project to someone else.

    (By reporting the profiles with fake skills or experience expressed, you help us to improve the platform and terminate fake profiles).


Job Completion & Handing Over

Congrats, Now You Are Ready To Go

After choosing a freelancer to perform the task or complete the posted job, please communicate with the freelancer to discuss the project requirements, the deadlines, milestones, and other details.

Handing over should be done through the website only, files larger than the limit may be uploaded on a third party servers / websites but a granted access to files (link) should be provided to the end user of the service through our platform.

( The platform will not be responsible to refund amounts or milestones released before progress submissions or handing over )

  • Milestones & Payments.

    How Do I Pay The Freelancer's Fees?

    We recommend you to add milestones with a certain amount of the total price, after the task is done you may release the payment. 

    (JobITechs is not responsible for any communication outside the platform and advices you to only release the payment after the task is done).

    (Payments are only accepted and processed through the website or our third parties under our supervision)

  • Freelancer & Employer Reviews

    Do I Have To Rate & Write a Review?

    We and the platform users depend on the data provided by other users for rating, recommendations, promoting accounts purposes, please rate and write a review for the freelancer / employer after completion of the project to make it easier for you and for others to know more about the employer / freelancer.

  • Disputes & User Reports

    I Came across an account or a listing which violates the rules and the policies of the platform..

    We take our platform users ease and satisfaction seriously, in case of receiving a report due to the platform policy or rules violations, the reported account will be warned by an Email, incase of refusing to take correction actions, the platform has the right to terminate the account and the user will lose his right in claiming the amounts related to the report).

  • Cancelled Jobs & Refunds

    I posted a job and cancelled it after i hired someone how will i get a refund ?

    We're sorry to hear that! as long as no disputes or reports were raised against you due to the cancellation, refunds will be processed within max 14 days, however , processing fees will remain applicable and subtracted from the refunded amount due to merchants fees and requirements.