Market Research Freelancer Needed: Housewives Seeking Income Opportunities in Maharashtra, India

  • Job Duration1 to 3 months
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Project detail

We are seeking an experienced freelance market research professional to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market for housewives seeking income-generating opportunities in Maharashtra, India. The objective is to gather insights into the size of the target market, their interests, skills, and readiness to engage in income-generating activities. This research will inform our business strategy and help us develop tailored solutions for this specific demographic.




Proven experience in market research and analysis

Familiarity with the Maharashtra market and understanding of local demographics

Strong data collection and analysis skills, both qualitative and quantitative

Proficiency in market research tools and software

Excellent communication and reporting skills

Attention to detail and accuracy in data analysis

Time management skills to meet project deadlines

Ethical conduct in handling sensitive data and ensuring data privacy



Conduct in-depth market research on housewives in Maharashtra seeking income opportunities

Collect and analyze relevant data, including demographics, interests, skills, and income levels

Provide insights and recommendations based on the research findings

Create comprehensive and well-structured reports highlighting key insights

Communicate regularly with the project team and provide updates on progress

Adhere to ethical standards in market research, ensuring data privacy and confidentiality

If you have a strong background in market research, an understanding of the Maharashtra market, and a passion for empowering housewives, we would love to hear from you. Please provide examples of your past work and relevant qualifications. This is a freelance project with a flexible timeline, and we look forward to collaborating with an experienced professional to help us better serve this target market.


Note: We will only consider candidates who demonstrate the required skills and experience in market research.

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Project Completion deadline

February 17, 2024