I will give you clean and verified consumers email leads


I will collect valid and verified email addresses, business leads and prospects

I will generate leads collection for your business

  • I will give you clean and verified US consumers email leads

About This Gig

Do you want to avoid hard bounces? Or you want to purchase leads of US consumers with all verified and double opted-in emails? Or you want a clean email set to upload at Mailchimp, constant contact, SendGrid, or any other email provider as they may block your account if the list has too many bad emails? I will provide you 100% deliverable emails only with 0% hard bounce. 

These steps will ensure 100% deliverability with zero hard bounce. 

I can ensure the followings: 

1. No Duplicates and bad syntax emails 

2. No Risky emails 

3. No Unknown emails 

4. No Dead Server Emails 

5. Zero Hard Bounce 

6. 100% Deliverability 

I can collect clients from other countries according to the client’s request

corporate data

I can provide all the data and make sure it is correct

Service price $10 per 2000 mail


Languages freelancer can speak